dj_destrukt (dj_destrukt) wrote,

DJ Not-I

DJ Not-I did it again. The feel-good nostalgia of the Cars track makes this bootleg a memorable gut-grabber. This isn't as much a dance track as it is a driving-down-the-highway-thinking-back track.

DJ Not-I's Kraftwerk vs. Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force vs. Faithless: Transplanet Insomnia is interesting. I like it, it starts out with a lot of strength, and the mix is impeccably done, but to my ear the vocal tracks were a little on the heavy side about three quarters of the way through. The catchy, anthemic simplicity of Faithless' Insomnia peaks with a lot of power, and my curiosity would be sated if I could hear the mashup with the vocals used for accentuation or punctuation rather than being used as the key track during those bits. Then again, my own musical preference leans away from wall of sound tracks, so take my opinion here with a big, fat grain of salt.

Still, it's a hell of a good track with unarguable dancefloor potential. Witness the dancetastic video:

Not-I's Chess Without Sobriety (Wu-Tang & Eminem vs. Tanita Tikaram) is impeccably done. It made me want to kick back with a stiff drink, a hookah, and nothing to do.

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