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The bad news: Bastards! is indefinitely cancelled until 1.) I find another venue to throw the party at and 2.) I have the time and bandwidth to throw a monthly party again. I'm bummed, but it's for the best. It's been a crazy six months and I need to have less on my plate so that I can properly recharge. I wish the best to the new Wednesday night DJ at the Mercury.

The good news (depending largely upon your definition of "good") is that Aggro1 has produced a mashup of
Def Leppard vs. Goose Girl. Think Def Leppard with a touch of electro. Yes.

Also, I am loving this one: Divide and Kreate- Until it talks. Thin White Duke's remix of 'Talk' by Coldplay vs. 'Until it sleeps' by Metallica. I just played the damn song five times in a row, and it's really growing on me; I've gone from kinda liking it to loving it a bunch. Electro-pop Metallica. Who woulda guessed?
Tags: rip-bastards
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